Wal-Mart Enters the Game Trade-In Game

Wal-Mart and kiosk provider e-Play have combined forces to bring self-service trade-in kiosk. That’s right you’ll be able to trade your used video games at Wal-Mart. First, you scan the UPC on the case and the game’s value, determined by e-Play, shows up on the screen. At some point in the process, you’re prompted to […]

A Little Twitter Conversation

jimmey1960 says: just playing video game 9dragons and Oblivion! aeriagames says: @jimmey1960 Hi, if you like 9Dragons we would like to invite you to join the open beta od 12 Sky 2, it will start next week! Historian says: @AeriaGames @jimmey1960 Sneaky Aeria… Why wait for 12 Sky 2, Play 9dragons now!!! LOL aeriagames says: […]