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  1. Good post Historian!

    In many years as a mod, admin and CM, I always marvel at two things:
    – Every online community has the same basic personalities in it
    – Adults can very quickly turn completely childish over the most idiotic and minor issues

    Most people don’t argue or discuss online to be right…they’re looking for validation of their views from others. We do the same thing in real life too. Thats important to understand because it’s never as simple as black or white, right or wrong. Humans are not binary.

    An experienced mod can usually predict exactly how certain personality types will react to a given situation. It’s truly fascinating how there is a pattern you can predict. That doesn’t mean you can assume though…

    I agree that once you have people degenerating into ad hominem, then you have to take action and try to resolve the situation. Happily most communities self moderate to a good degree. Online commmunities are like water, they set their own level. However, a good CM knows when to step in and relalizes sometitmes you have to make tough choices to protect the overall healt of the community.

    The only advice I would give to new CMs is don’t move to hastily and make sure you have ALL the facts before you assume anything and act.

    Jim Ducharme
    Community Manager


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