2014′s Top 100 Community Managers on Twitter

Once again Little Bird has put together a list of the top Community managers on twitter and I’m proud to be on the list. This year they included a list of blogs, which might be how you got here.

Here at Little Bird, we think the inspiration behind CMAD is awesome! It’s all about practitioners celebrating their own—with results much like Little Bird finds by analyzing real human activities in context and the peer-to-peer relationships those activities build. For the second year in a row, we decided to put our Little Bird discovery engine to good use for CMAD, to further uncover and recognize the most connected community managers of today. – http://getlittlebird.com/2014/01/cmad-2014/

This year they included a list of blogs, which might be how you got here.

I want to thank all of the great Community Managers out there who help me learn new things everyday and Little Bird for putting the list together.

Build Your Own Community

I’m one of those that don’t see Social Media sites as a good place to build a community. Instead I see them as places to engage with people, but direct them to a platform you have more control over.

I know the current mind set it to “go where they are”, but the reality is they are most likely there for reasons beyond engaging with you. A recent study says that only 6% of fans engage With a Brand’s Facebook page (Mashable). And you are there at the whim of that social site. Facebook recently tweaked things and a Brand’s Page Reach was negatively impacted (Socialfresh). Without any action on your part, engagement dropped 17%. If you controlled the community platform and this happened, you could take action and attempt to fix things.

So, instead of trying to talk in a noisy, crowded, bar… pass them your info and ask to talk someplace less distracting.

Is The Community There for Different Reasons Than You Are?

065Some Community Managers might take the heavy-handed approach and delete any post that isn’t “on-topic”. The best community managers, however, recognize a responsibility to the audience. They balance the ideal of maintaining an open forum with providing the best experience to the community members.

This past week we talked a lot about Red Bull, not because we all drink it.. but because Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull made a giant leap of faith.

Not Just Circles

Circles are a beautiful thing… but they are more than Circles, they are also topics of interest.

In the past week as I’ve watched my Stream fill with G+ tips, LOLCats and Viral stuff. A fair bit I have no interest in, but because I’ve elected to have them in my circles, I see what they post to whichever circle they’ve put me in. Because of this, I’ve made an effort to actually consider what I’m send to whom. I’ve been extremely selective about who goes where.

Now when I post content, I really consider who will be interested in what I’m putting out there. If it is Community Management stuff it only goes to that circle, interesting gaming info there’s a circle for that too.


As the banner says, share the right things with the right people.