Fixing Facebook Privacy: Turning on Profile Review

profile reviewFacebook has a new security feature called “Profile Review” so that when you are tagged in a photo or a post, you’ll will get to approve it before it shows on your wall or news feed. Unapproved tagged posts and photos will appear in a new section called “Pending posts.”

This really should be the default, instead of an opt-in feature.

Here’s how to activate Profile Review:

  1. Go to Account> Privacy Settings.
  2. Next to “How Tags Work” click “Edit Settings”.
  3. In the “How Tags Work” pop-up, click “Edit” next to “Profile Review”.
  4. In the next pop-up, click “Turn on Profile Review”.

Click the image for a better view.

Not Just Circles

Circles are a beautiful thing… but they are more than Circles, they are also topics of interest.

In the past week as I’ve watched my Stream fill with G+ tips, LOLCats and Viral stuff. A fair bit I have no interest in, but because I’ve elected to have them in my circles, I see what they post to whichever circle they’ve put me in. Because of this, I’ve made an effort to actually consider what I’m send to whom. I’ve been extremely selective about who goes where.

Now when I post content, I really consider who will be interested in what I’m putting out there. If it is Community Management stuff it only goes to that circle, interesting gaming info there’s a circle for that too.


As the banner says, share the right things with the right people.

1 Card for 1 Soldier (Please RT and Like)

When filling out your Holiday cards this year, please take ONE CARD and SEND it to this address:

Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD

I don’t care what your feeling are about the ongoing war, these men and women deserve to be remembered this holiday season.

If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these soldiers could get to bring up their spirits!

Gone and Without Acclaim

On the 26th Acclaim Games Inc. officially shut down its sites and games. I have to admit that part of me is very sad about this. I loved my time there and I had the pleasure of working with many very cool people.

More importantly I’m rather disappointed with Disney in the way things with the players were handled, but then the players of Acclaim were in many ways my best friends and family. I didn’t always agree with them and I was, at times, put in to situations that didn’t allow me to be soft but the most important thing I learn was this:

Your loudest and most obnoxious critics are ultimately on your side. They want things to be better, but they just can’t always communicate this in a way that is constructive. As a Community Manager you have to set aside any emotional response and see what it is that is getting them so riled up.

2Moons, akaDekaron, has a home with its original developers, 9Dragons is going to GamersFirst, Spellborn is just dead, Bots/Bout is gone forever except on hacked servers and the rest of the games went back to their respective owners.

To everyone who ever played a game with Acclaim, I want to personally thank you. You helped me find a dream job and allowed me to learn a great deal about Community Management, myself and the gaming industry.