David DeWald is a Community Pioneer and Historian with extensive experience in building, maintaining, and managing online communities. He has been involved in the field since the late 1990s and has worked with various organizations and businesses to establish and grow their online presence.

David is also active within the community management industry, sharing his knowledge and insights through various channels such as blogging, public speaking, and participating in online forums dedicated to the topic. Among his peers, he is respected for his expertise in community engagement, moderation, and development.

Online Community Pioneer and Historian

David DeWald

25+ years of experience building communities as large as 16 million members.Mastodon

I build communities.

My Experience

I’m the one you want when you’re ready to…

  • Design and build a new community site for your customers, members, or supporters.
  • Track and analyze key metrics to ensure active community participation and growth.
  • Work product management to triage and funnel user requirements for inclusion into the product road map.
  • Increase engagement, improve the user experience and enable growth of your existing community.
  • Implement a shift in your online community’s culture.
  • Oversee development projects that will impact your community’s space and experience.
  • Find and train Employees, Users, and Infuencers to keep your community supported and healthy.



Drove the strategy for RSA’s online community. Continuously evolved, managed and grew the RSA community to meet the needs of our customers, partners, and prospects. Engaged closely with each business unit to consult on how to get the most value out of the community. Developed a plan for community improvements and how new use cases would be brought on board. Mentored and advised designated community owners to help them curate and optimize their respective product channels. Developed and facilitated employee-wide trainings on community best practices. Helped define and enforce consistent governance policies. Worked with cross-functional teams to ensure an easy-to-use experience for visitors and to generate content to drive community engagement. Worked collaboratively to identify, engage and foster relationships with community advocates who are passionate about RSA and its security solutions. Tracked and analyzed key metrics to ensure active community participation and growth. Stayed current with community trends and brainstormed new ideas for digital marketing campaigns to foster community growth.

Carbon Black

Consulted with individual business units to develop a plan to optimize the use of the community to meet the needs for collaboration and communication with customers as well as help our employees better engage with customers. Responsible for implementing the strategy and management of Carbon Black’s customer community, developing engaging programming, and driving membership engagement.


Responsible for launching, building and maintaining a vibrant community; working closely with the cross-functional teams including Marketing, Technical Support, Development, Finance, IT and Sales. Responsibilities range from creating content, training employees on governance and proper use, participating in strategy sessions, and working with the team to create passion and grow the community on and off the website.


Served as the liaison between the member community and Techwell staff to help implement engagement strategy, manage audience participation, and cultivate a stronger community.

Building Communities of Every Kind & Every Size. Are You Next?


My Skills

Brand Awareness, Community Building, Community Development, Community Engagement, Community Leadership, Community Management, Community Marketing, Community Strategy, Content Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Media, Google Analytics, KCS V6, Knowledge Management, Marketing, Media Monitoring, Media Strategy, Online Communications, Online Communities, Online Community Moderation, Online Reputation Management, Platform Management, Podcasting, Project Management, Public Speaking, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Measurement, Social Media Monitoring, Strategic Planning, Strategic Planning for Growth, User Experience, User Generated Content, Web Analytics, Web Design, Web Development

  • Community Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Advocacy Development

Community Building

  • Design and build a new community site for your customers, members, or supporters.

Strategic Planning

  • Increase engagement and improve the user experience of your existing community.

Advocacy Development

  • Find & train employees, volunteers, and/or advocates to keep your community supported & healthy.

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