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Are you the 26?

For about a month now we’ve been getting these stupid tv commercials where a female voice repeats "Beware the 26" over and over with the words on a field of static, it then drops to a color test screen. And there have been bill boards that looked spray painted with the same message.

Turns out is was a pathetic marketing campaign by the local newspaper.

Fearful of losing readers to the world of online news it claims that 26% of us are under a "crazy misperception" that "newspapers are yesterday’s news".

The truth is 26% of us know that the online world is a more efficient way of getting the news we want the way we want it. In fact I haven’t been to the local news web site, save for the monstrosity of "" in a very long time.

And this certainly isn’t going to get me there…

If they had bother to spend the money making their web site less cluttered and easy to use then it would have been money well spent.

Link to Jacksonville Advertising and Periodical Readers – Are you the 26? – Florida Times-Union and


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