Odyssey of the Mind

This past weekend I was a judge for the local Odyssey of the Mind competition. My son and his school participated. I have to admit that even though I was still feeling pretty sick most of the day, it was pretty fun. It helped that my Co-judges were very fun to be with too. Amanda and Laura are students at Flagler in St. Augustine and proved to be pretty interesting characters in their own rights.

We were judging the “Spontaneous” problem in which the teams were given an object and were asked to think of creative uses for it. For most of the day we were judging the youngest of the participants and it was pretty cool to see the little minds churning for answers. The few times they got stuck it was very hard to watch them sit there.. blank stares.. as they tried to think of something. You wanted to help.. you wanted them to succeed. Some of the answers were funny, some surprising.

My son’s team didn’t make the top three in their division and problem, but their teachers were so impressed that they will get to present it again for their school. A nice prize for all the work they did.

As for my daughter, she continues to get better in basketball, following in her mom’s steps. In this past game she attempted more that 4 shots in one quarter, where she didn’t shoot at all in her first two games. I think that having one of the Dream Team members as her coach has helped a lot and she is now becoming a little more aggressive on the court.



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