Project Top Secret seeking Musicians


The goal of this task is to allow the music talent pool among our members to put themselves forward and compose anthems for the Project based around current concepts and how they envision the project going forward from a musical perspective. While the project continues to evolve so I expect will the music and the themes we generate.


The Purpose is simple, to first recognize and see our talent pool in terms of music creation at work and give examples of how our community can become a defining factor of the music we include in the game primarily for the moment aiming for a musical title score with future work to come going forward. And secondly to add music and even lyrics to the vision we are creating through the design process both to inspire and reflect how far we have come and how our grand vision can be illustrated in the audio arena.

Joining also leads for those interested in taking part in helping design a community created, designed, and produced MMO. There is many tasks also running from UI systems to Sound Effects, Race Achievements and many more.
For more information follow the link train. Project Top Secret



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