2Moons Xfire Live Chat

XfireLogo I will be part of a live chat at 4PM PDT Friday May 16th on Xfire. (In the www.xfire.com game client) We will chat live with players for an hour about 2Moons.  David Perry will be there as well. Feel free to add me on xfire just look for “TheHistorian”.

We will also be kicking off a 5 hour Double Drop event on the 16th through the 18th running from 11am to 5pm PDT. Top that off with Double EXP at 4pm GMT and 4pm PDT for 2 hours. Can you say double drop and double exp Dead Front?

BOTS!! gets some love on Sunday the 18th, running a Double EXP and Double Gigas all day long. So get out on there and play through 86,400 seconds of bliss.

One very busy May 16th…



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  1. O crap I missed the interview. 🙁 How’d it go?


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