It isn’t often I remember my dreams… so when I do remember one it is a special event. This was actually one of the coolest ones I can remember having.

I was in a building that wasn’t completed, some where near the upper floors. It seemed to be late evening as long shadows stretched from the exposed support structures. I can’t recall why I was there but I think it was a meeting of some kind. The meeting over I began to walk down the stairs of the building and noticed that the rooms were themed, as if it were an art gallery or museum.

I came to the landing of the next floor and it was a stark alabaster room filled with statues of merfolk, with a large statue in the middle. There was intricate carving in floor, walls and ceiling keeping with the theme. It struck me as uncompleted, because it lacked color.

As I descended another floor, there was a gradual increase in color.. a simple pattern on the stairs growing in complexity and color as I moved down. Reaching the landing I found myself in a room with about a 2 feet of water. The walls were mostly painted with water scenes that tied in to the water I was standing in. I can’t explain the overwhelming sense of beauty I felt in this room. The colors and the sound of the water blended in ways that can only happen in dreams.

I notice a movement and turn to see two women in the room with me. One was swimming about and painting more on the walls, the other sat and watched. I started to move from the room but they asked me to stay. I sat down and the one continued to paint, the other moved closer and we talked for a bit. Idle talk that didn’t stay with me when I woke. After a time I felt as if I should be going, but the girl I was talking with once again asked me to stay. She then moved very close and the other girl joined her, I can still see their faces perfectly in my mind’s eye. I can’t say that I’ve ever met someone who looked like her, but it was a strong image. She talked some more and then they began to paint my face..

and I woke…

The last image is startlingly vivid. their faces encompassing almost the entirety of my field of view, her hand and a small paint brush loaded with yellow pigment moving toward my left eye. Her lips moving, saying something that seemed to calm me.

I wish I could remember what she said or what we talked about. I just remember it being very peaceful and very beautiful in the room.



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