Acclaim Games Launches “Tribal Nations”

Introducing the online game about power, ambition, and the founding of Tribal Nations

Los Angeles, CA (October 3, 2008) – Acclaim Games is pleased to announce the official launch of Tribal Nations, a browser-based multiplayer online role-playing game where players can create their own characters, and through skill and perseverance, might just end up the Ruler of a Nation. Play your part in the founding of Tribal Nations!

Tribal Nations is a free to play online game for all ages, further widening Acclaim’s growing stable of free online gaming experiences. The browser-based game requires no download, so it is easily accessible to anyone who wants to play for free through their web browser.

“We are excited by our new ‘Play Now – Play Anywhere – Play Free’ initiative and Tribal Nations is one of the titles to really deliver that message.  It’s a deep, rich experience in a very easy to access form, and it costs absolutely nothing to try it out!” says David Perry, the Chief Creative Officer of Acclaim.

The world of Tribal Nations exists in a land before the Conquistadores… before Columbus… the 15th century New World of the Americas… where Aztecs, Mayans and Native Americans struggle to control a fertile continent. In the game, you create your own profile for your character and then interact with other players and NPC’s. Live, eat, drink and play in an authentic Native American environment. Farm your own land, raise your own livestock, or run your very own taverna. Work in a Temple, an Obsidian mine, or as a warrior in your clan’s army. The possibilities are endless….

As with other Acclaim titles, players can also purchase items (such as food, raw materials, special items, and weapons) and additional in-game currency using Acclaim Coins.

New players can sign up now at Adventure awaits you in Tribal Nations!



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