Wal-Mart Enters the Game Trade-In Game

Wal-Mart and kiosk provider e-Play have combined forces to bring self-service trade-in kiosk.
That’s right you’ll be able to trade your used video games at Wal-Mart. First, you scan the UPC on the case and the game’s value, determined by e-Play, shows up on the screen. At some point in the process, you’re prompted to put in your credit or debit card number for payment (takes about 2 days to process) and then your drivers license. You’ll also be prompted to insert disc to verify it’s the correct game. It’s sounds so simple until the machine refuses to give your game back. 
It’ll be interesting to see how Wal-Mart’s new project fares in the trade-in industry against Gamestop and Amazon.

Via: No…Blog U!



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