Fail: S.773 Cybersecurity Act of 2009

I don’t know if any of you have read this Bill, but you really should. I’m just going to mention Section 18, where it describes the Presidents Powers

Items 2 and 6, Here we find out that the President can not only turn off the Government sites, but any he deems a "critical infrastructure information system" like messenger services that terrorist may communicate over.. or Banking systems… And not only can he turn them off he can disconnect them from the internet. Hell just turn the whole internet off.

Yeah.. I said it.. OFF.

Item 5, allows them to do some "periodic mapping" of those "critical infrastructure information systems". So there is good old uncle same poking around in private business systems because they might be "critical infrastructure information systems".

Oh there is more.. Like Section 7. "LICENSING AND CERTIFICATION OF CYBERSECURITY PROFESSIONALS." No telling what they will need to report about the people that employ these Certified professionals.. but rest assured.. they will be the ones pulling the plug on the "critical infrastructure information systems" if the President deems is necessary.

Seriously. Read it and let your state representatives know what you think.

Bill at the Library of Congress
PDF of the Bill




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