Historian’s "Social Media" Party Day 2

In case you missed it yesterday… I’m hosting a crazy three-day blog, web site promotion event and social media party on my blog, my Facebook Fan page and my Twitter account. The first post can be found here: Historian’s “Social Media” Party!

I’ve actually had a great turn out, with visitors coming in from all areas.

Scott “Lum the Mad” Jennings: http://brokentoys.org

Scott works as a designer in the computer gaming industry, and comments a lot on his blog-type thing at Broken Toys. I have to tell you that I’ve followed him on and off for years now and I’m quite honored that he felt like I needed to be given the once over.

Pamela  Almand: The Captains’s Voice www.thecaptainsvoice.com

With the confident and authoritative-but-warm voice of a 25-year international airline captain, Pamela  Almand has a smooth elegance…or a “right stuff” drawl that can be low, sultry, and sexy …or warm and friendly with a big smile you can hear! Her signature sound is the low, smoky and sultry nightclub voice with a hint of a teasing smile… or that little bit of vamp in the girl-next-door voice. Yet she can be “Mom” with equal aplomb!

Want a 3D controller for your PC or Mac? Grab the Axelo BAT. 12 buttons, driverless install and dynamic sensitivity. http://axelobat.com/

Melissa Ross: First Coast Connect http://bit.ly/c5uQOn

You can catch her weekdays at 9AM on WJCT as she gets plugged in to everything that’s happening around the First Coast. Join her on First Coast Connect, a program that showcases the issues, trends and newsmakers that have people talking. The one-hour programs airs Monday to Friday at 9am. @MelissainJax

Kapil Bhatt: http://kapzer.com

Check out Game Tester and Blogger Kapil Bhatt’s personal site and don’t miss his portfolio page for the real meat. I worked with him on 2Moons where he served as a Virtual Game Master. He is very hard working and was a pleasure to work with.

Dan Gray: www.bifftheunderstudy.com

His blog, largely focuses on communication within gaming networks but also features commentary on Community Management and the Games Industry as A whole. If you’re interested in improving communication with your community there might be something for you there. I know I have found some very useful suggestions in the past.

Ryan Thompson: http://ryanpaulthompson.com/

Ryan is one of the few gaming people in Jacksonville, FL. He is a Web designer and social media strategist for the games industry and the Dalton Agency. @ryanpthompson

Historian’s Social Media Party

Hey companies, If you’d like to donate a door prize such as an products, T-shirts or anything else, please connect with me as quickly as possible by calling +1 (310) 574-2843 and leaving a voice mail.

Don’t hesitate to connect, leave a comment, or offer me a job.

I want to thank Larry Brauner of http://online-social-networking.com/ for the idea for this event.




  1. Heya Historian,
    I fear I don’t have a job offer for you, but I wish you the best of luck in your hunt for a new challenge! Our weekly webinars were great and still unrivaled in how they directly connected the gamer to the publisher and developer. It was a bold move, but it worked out great, too bad other factors weren’t on that level 😉
    I ended up starting my own studio, saw our first screenshots on facebook? If you have an iPhone or iPod touch I’ll send you a copy of our first game when it’s done 🙂

    Have fun with your social media party, I have a hard time grasping the concept, but it seems it’s generating some buzz (no not the google one), so i guess it’s working.

    Cya around,


  2. I am interested in becoming a beta tester game, contact me,its nice job


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