Historian’s “Social Media” Party Day 3: It can’t last forever..

Here we are on the last day of the social media party on my blog, my Facebook Fan page and my Twitter account. The first post can be found here: Historian’s “Social Media” Party!

I’ve gotten some criticism feedback that suggests that based on this site and specifically the biography I don’t have much that really points out what I bring to “social media”. To that I would say this: “I managed to pop up on your Social radar, right?”. I don’t claim to be an “end all to be all expert”, but I do know about growing web based communities and today that means being “Social”. And I will always take criticism feedback, because I will always be growing and learning.

But as much as this IS about me, it is also about the people that came out to be a part of the Party.

El Drijver Co-Founder Firi Games www.firigames.com

When I met El he was the Lead Game Design for Spellborn Works, the design team behind the Chronicles of Spellborn. We held weekly webinars that were unrivaled in how they directly connected the gamer to the publisher and developer. It was a bold move, but it worked out great. You can find all of them over on my media site: HistoricMedia.net.  He is now starting his own studio Firi Games. Check out the first screenshots on facebook!

Binge Gamer www.bingegamer.net

safe_image Binge Gamer, founded in 2008, is not your typical gaming website. Understanding that there are already bunches of other gaming blogs that rehash press releases and game announcements, Binge Gamer aims to provide unabashed commentary on the big news stories of the day, as well as provide readers with some of the offbeat news items that you probably won’t find on some of the larger sites. The Bender podcast combines video game news, theory, reviews, opinions, and curse words :\ We’re the best, listen now.

Paddy ‘DrunkenGamer’ Fellows of www.thirteen1.com

Thirteen1 is a digital flash based magazine that brings out a new completely free issue each month – we cover a lot of the newest games as well as unique pieces such as our soundtrack reviews, rant inn & drinking games.

The Somewhat Comical Adventures of Prickley Pete! www.prickleypete.com

You may be surprised to learn that “The Somewhat Comical Adventures of Prickley Pete!” literally happened overnight. Within twelve hours of blurting out, “Hey, we should do a cartoon with Prickley Pete!” the first episode was already underway. And it will soon becoming to an Xbox 360 as a point-n-click adventure game.

The Entertainment Consumer Association www.theeca.com

The ECA is dedicated to providing a wealth of community and affinity benefits to our members.  With membership, you can connect with like-minded gaming fans, explore career and educational opportunities in the business, and more.  Membership can also provide some incredible discounts, trial offers and members-only access; many of which could rationalize the cost of member dues many times over.

If you are a gamer and spend money on enthusiast magazines, online subscriptions, or buy and rent games, these benefits make it so that you would pay far less.  New offers are posted frequently in the Benefits Section

Abel Bascuñana Pons on Facebook

My personal blog on community management, game design reviews, casual games, QA Testing and other game topics at http://stalyangames.wordpress.com/.

Shawn McBroom on Facebook

My Linkedin profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/shawnmcbroom. I spend most of my time working or attending college. Spend my free time learning to create games and playing games.


I want to thank everyone that has joined in to be a part of this little experiment. I should have a post up this week to let you know how it all went.



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  1. I don’t mind being fashionably late, but I think I’m arriving just before the lights go out. I’m hoping it’s all right that I’m leaving you a comment here, since Facebook keeps crashing the party on me this evening.

    I’m a cohost for the Polygamerous Podcast (www.polygamerous.com) where we have fun talking about our love of playing multiple games, as well as gaming news, reviews, and special guests and/or interviews. I also maintain a gaming blog (that includes a healthy dose of metal) with my husband, which can be found listed on Polygamerous’ site.

    Thanks for hosting this, I’ve found several interesting links in the posts regarding Day 2 and Day 3!


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