Living Under The Purple Cloak: A Little Update

I continue to play in the world of convenience retail, working third shift. I get to see many characters late at night. It is like there is another world that exists outside of the house of light. I see people headed for home, people starting their days. People seeking late night food, the poor purchasing ungodly amounts of lottery tickets and the fringes of society beginning or ending their days. While there is some happiness, seen in those coming from the bars after they close, most of my patrons are scraping by. They make such odd choices… the $7 pack of cigarettes and a lighter with $3 going to gas.

As for me, I continue my search for a Community Manager Position, though the picking are slim. There are just so few gaming companies out there that the number of jobs is less than the number of skilled workers. I have branched outside of gaming but those jobs are even fewer and further between. Still it is something I love and when you get paid to do what you love then you have truly succeeded and so I will continue to search.



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