8 traits you should look for in a Community Manager

I’m going to have to disagree with this being a relatively “new” position. Many of us have been doing this for more than a decade. It just seems that main stream companies are starting to see the value, even if there is no visible ROI, of having someone dedicated to the Communities around them and their products.

The position of “community manager” is relatively new. It’s also increasingly important.

The person in charge of tending to your online tribe needs to possess certain skills. Obviously writing, the ability to produce multimedia content, comfort with tech, experience, work ethic and intellect matter – as they do for any modern day comms position.

He does add a few more aspects to what a company should look for in a CM. I just wonder who is going to write the “9” or “10” aspects blog post. LOL

8 traits you should look for in a Community Manager



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