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CMAD Wrapup – Links for Community Managers

Leanne Chase at The Community Roundtable wrote:

Wow!  Community Manager Appreciation Day sure has come a long way in 4 years!  Of course so has the discipline and roles of community management.  The amount of conversation, content and celebration from yesterday seemed to hit hyperdrive.  It was very hard to keep up and not get knocked over by the very large firehose with over 19,000 tweets peaking at 2,610 at 10am yesterday!  We  here at The Community Roundtable like to think of yesterday as Community Manager Advancement Day…a day when we get to share great resources and links with you all.  There were many yesterday and here they all are in 1 easy to see place.  If we have missed any that you saw, please add them in the comments section.



10 Key Stats of the Community Manager Space

Top Community Manager experts

Yammer’s Community Playbook: A comprehensive guide to communnity strategy, design, and execution


Everyone Can be a Community Manager & Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day

Community Management Must Be Considered a Strategy Imperative

The Focus in 2013 For Community Managers: Help Organizations Find New and Better Ways to Service Their Customers

Appreciating Community Managers – Happy CMAD!

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day Boston!


The Community Roundtable joined HootSuite, Jeremiah Owyang, and some smarties from TheCR Network – Cindy Meltzer and Caty Kobe to discuss social business

Congrats to Vistaprint’s Jeff Esposito for being named Community Manager of the Year by Oracle yesterday


Chicago CMAD Lunch

Boston CMAD Happy Hour

San Francisco CMAD Happy Hour

More great information and kernals can be found in the #cmgrhangout #cmad #cmgrchat streams from yesterday…but be careful for the firehose that will be coming your way!


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Original: CMAD Wrapup – Links for Community Managers



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