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Link Building For Community Managers

Tim McDonald at My Community Manager wrote:

Link Building

Link Building Tips For Community Managers

After reading a post from Sean McGinnis this week (Link Building Techniques That Work), two things made us think of community managers: 1) community managers involved in developing content for their site or are involved with SEO, should know about these; and 2) many link building practices sound like what community managers do every day.

We will host a LIVE Google Hangout at 2pm EST NY-USA (find your local time here on Friday, May 10, with Sean and you are invited!

Here’s what will be talking about:

1) What is link building and why is it so important?

2) You say “write epic shit” What exactly makes writing epic?

3) What are best practices for guest blogging?

4) How can events be used for link building?

5) What are some other top tips for link building?

Join us this week as Jonathan Brewer  and Tim McDonald  will be Hosting the Hangout and brandie mccallum (and hopefully Sherrie Rohde too!) will being moderating the Twitter chat #cmgrhangout
Don’t forget to confirm you are attending and be on the lookout for a G+ notification about 1:55pm is you want to join the hangout.
Want to participate on Twitter? Watch the YouTube video here (to be posted) and use #cmgrhangout  when tweeting.

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