Traits of a Community Manager – 2009 to 2014: Some Things Just Don’t Change

You see post about Traits of Community managers pop-up from time to time and for the most part they do a good job. Way back in 2009, I posted one where I polled actual, honest to goodness, Community Managers.

I posed the question to the group of CMs I know around the gaming industry.

What do you think the the “5 Traits” should be?

This is my interpretation of their responses. They may not totally agree with what I’ve written since all communities and Community Managers differ, however these were the traits that were mentioned most often in their responses. I’ve divided them in to Primary and Secondary traits. The Primary were mentioned significantly more often than the Secondary and are in many ways tied together.

7 Essential Traits for Community Managers, by CMs


If you’re curious, here are some more…



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