David DeWald

As a Community Manager, I promote and announce events, products and updates to users by utilizing social marketing tactics and initiating conversational discussions. I am very familiar with forums, blogs, podcasts, social media and broadcast streaming. I also mediate disputes, encourage advocates, and embrace detractors within the community. I am adept at gathering useful data and feedback from the overall community in a responsible way and presenting it to product teams.

04/2015 – Present
Community Manager – Bit9 + Carbon Black
Consulted with individual business units to develop a plan to optimize the use of the community to meet the needs for collaboration and communication with customers as well as help our employees better engage with customers. Responsible for implementing the strategy and management of Bit9 + Carbon Black’s customer community, developing engaging programming, and driving membership engagement.

02/2013 – 04/2015
Customer Success Community Manager –
Responsible for launching, building and maintaining a vibrant community; working closely with the cross-functional teams including Marketing, Technical Support, Development, Finance, IT and Sales. Responsibilities range from creating content, training employees on governance and proper use, participating in strategy sessions, and working with the team to create passion and grow the community on and off the website.

04/2011 to 02/2013
Community Manager – Software Quality Engineering
Facilitated interaction between members, advertisers, and subject matter experts on company sites. Serves as the liaison between the member community and SQE staff to help implement our engagement strategy, manage audience participation, and cultivate a stronger community.

11/2010 to 04/2011
Community Representative – BioWare
Moderated community forums, and handled corrective measures when necessary. Created daily community reports based on player feedback, attitude, and activity. Created and communicated professional messaging on the forums and maintained a high level of interaction.

08/2007 to 02/2010
Community Manager – Acclaim Games Inc.
Helped grow the community from just over 1,000,000 registered users in May 2008 to over 16,000,000 in April 2010. Responsible for planning updates for the websites of 14 games, including specialized pages displayed within the game clients. Assisted with the pricing of the in-game cash shop items across Acclaim’s portfolio generating over $400,000 monthly. Worked with international development teams in Korea, China, the Netherlands, and France to ensure quality translations of the web content, promotional materials and in-game content. Established and maintained a User Advisory Board to assist in determining the priority of bug fixes and new development. Gathered statistical information from our players via polls, forum posts and targeted emails to communicate needed changes for the websites, promotional materials and games to the development teams.