Top Secret – Website & Wiki Now Live!!


Its like all our christmases have come at once! Welcome to the new site, GM Jill announced it today with the following words! 

As you may noticed there are quite a few changes in the Top Secret Message Board!
The two biggest and most noticeable changes are the addition of a Top Secret Fansite and a new Top Secret Wiki.
These two projects will be community built, and managed by your moderators and the admin team.
If you have any questions or suggestions for the wiki or site, please ask away in the Wiki and Site Discussion forums.
We have also made some changes to clean up and simplify the Top Secret Message Board, based largely on your feedback, along with our own observations of what needed to be improved. For instance, anything that could go into the wiki, such as rules, prizes, and other basic information have been taken off of the forums and moved into the wiki. We have also renamed the task subforums to make their functions clearer.
We hope that these changes help you enjoy the forums more, get more involved and find the information need more easily. We have always said the Top Secret Project is an evolutionary process. These changes represent another evolutionary step. Enjoy! And let’s keep creating a great game!

The Admin Team


Source: Top Secret – The Future of Game Development – Home



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