Top Secret Update

The Top Secret Community Game Design Project keeps rolling along. At the beginning we said we were designing a racing game. Well, we were right… and we were wrong. Because we are designing RACING like you’ve never seen.

We’re designing Beasts to Ride. Riders to ride them. Cards to collect and enhance our game play. PvP and PvE tracks and modes. Weapons, Skills, Obstacles… Crazy tracks to challenge our players. Yes, it all started with a racing game, but it’s something else again now. A game like no other we’ve ever seen. If you haven’t seen it lately, come to the forums and see what’s happening.

And there’s never a dull moment at Top Secret. There’s plenty to do, and the pace is just beginning to heat up. If you’ve been wondering what’s been happening, come join us now.

News from the Top Secret Project:

– Announcing the Top Secret Community Advisory Board.

Nominations are now open for the new Top Secret Community Advisory Board, which will be helping run the Top Secret Game Design project as we go forward. The Advisory Board will consist of members of the community and several of our experienced Moderators. Come join in the nominations!

– The Dependencies Map is up!

We’ve charted the course of the Top Secret game, and now it’s up for the community to view. The map is up!

– We’ve Opened the Top Secret Community Wiki.

That’s right. Our members are now putting their design concepts directly onto the wiki for the whole community to read.

Community Profiles

Our community-run Joombla site has news and views of the project, plus profiles of our dedicated member-designers. Come check it out.

– Riders, Beasts and Cards, oh my…

We’re refining our designs for beasts, riders and cards, designing skills and weapons and all kinds of crazy effects. We just finished several phases of the design, and we’re about to charge into the next phases. Come join us. There’s plenty of room!





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