Capcom-Unity Card… Unity? More Like Uni-Fees

DSC04053The co-branded Visa debit card is the first of its kind in North America. The cards will feature art from Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 and Bionic Commando. The pre-paid cards will also let gamers earn points on, cash back from online or retail purchases and earn "accelerated rewards" through the online Capcom rewards mall. For every dollar deposited on the card they will earn five Capcom Unity points which can be used for a number of things on the site, including auctions and raffles. Unity card holders will also be able to "jump the line" at Capcom events or gatherings, gain access to Beta tests and other things like "being written into a Capcom game or comic book or possibly even being an extra in a Capcom movie.

Man that is some serious propaganda.. Let’s just take a look at the Fees

Card Activation/Issuance Fee$9.95
Monthly Maintenance Fee$4.95 per month
Dormancy Fee (90 days after last card activity)$5.00
Signature Based POS Transaction FeesWaived per transaction
Signature Transaction Decline Fee$.50 per decline
PIN Based POS Transaction Fee$.25 per transaction
PIN Based POS Transaction Decline Fee$.50 per decline
ATM Transactions Fees
Withdrawal (in U.S.)
$1.50 per withdrawal
Withdrawal (outside U.S.)
$3.50 per withdrawal
Decline (in U.S.)
$.50 per decline
Decline (outside U.S.)
$1.00 per decline
$.50 per action or transaction
Cash Advance$10.00 per transaction
Card-to-Card Transfer Fees$2.00 per transfer
Customer Service Fees
$.25 per action
$1.50 per call
Request for Paper Statement (mailed)
$2.00 per request
Website cardholder account inquiriesWaived
Replacement Card Fee$10.00 per card
Express Delivery of Replacement Card$20.00 per card
Administrative Fee to Close Account$10.00
Overdraft Fee$10.00 per overdraft
Pay Bills Online 
Electronic Payment
Paper Check Payment
$1.00 per check
Check Cancellations
$15.00 per cancellation
Maximum Card Load Limit$2,500 per day
Maximum Card Balance Limit$5,000
Maximum ATM Withdrawal Limit10 transactions up to $500 per day
Maximum POS Transaction Limit20 transactions up to $2,500 per day
Maximum Pinned POS Transaction Limit10 transactions up to $500 per day

Capcom I just wanted to let you know that I’m a fan… not an idiot.

Capcom-Unity Card



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