Historian’s “Social Media” Party!

As of today, I am officially job hunting… So, in an effort to find a great job as a Community Manager/Social Media guy, I’m hosting a crazy three-day blog, web site promotion event and social media party on my blog, my Facebook Fan page and my Twitter account. What’s truly unique about this event is that I plan to check out every link posted on my page, comment and share the link as I deem appropriate. Everybody may participate. It’s not necessary to have a blog or other website.

Historian’s Social Media Party

Hey companies, If you’d like to donate a door prize such as an products, T-shirts or anything else, please connect with me as quickly as possible by calling +1 (310) 574-2843 and leaving a voice mail.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I register for this event?
    Visit the event page Historian’s Social Media Party and click on Attending. If you’re not a Facebook member, join Facebook first.
  2. I don’t want to use Facebook, now what?
    Post a comment here, or send me a message via twitter just use #SocMeParty so I know it is about this.
  3. In what ways can I participate?
    You can post a link to your blog or website with a brief non-hypey introduction. You can network (see below) with other people and check out their links. You can even be a fly on the wall (no pun intended) and just chill.
  4. What if I don’t have a blog or other website?
    Post a link to your Facebook page or profile, to your Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, call me and leave a voice mail +1 (310) 574-2843, etc.
  5. When does this event take place?
    From Feb 15-17 according to the date wherever you are.
  6. Do I have to be awake and online for 72 hours?
  7. What am I not permitted to promote?
    No porn or hate content. No predominantly religious content. Gaming stuff is a huge plus!
  8. How many links may I post during the event?
    One…  with an exception…
  9. What if you don’t get to me?
    If I don’t get around to acknowledging your post within seven days, you may post a new link or re-post the old one.
  10. Can I network with other participants?
    You are encouraged to network, but please do so in a professional manner to avoid being forced to play “Strawberry Shortcake: Musical Match-Ups” with a broken controller.
  11. When will you be hosting another event like this one?
    I don’t know. It depends on how this one goes. If I get a great job, you can expect something like this at my new position. If not, I will hire bouncers and make it a rave with a $5 cover instead.
  12. What happens if I don’t attend this one?
    You’ll have to live with a guilty conscience for all eternity.
  13. This bullet point intentionally left blank.
    It’s number 13 and people are superstitious…
  14. Do I need to bring anything to the party?
    No, but you can help promote this event.
  15. How can I help promote this event?
    You can link to this article, share it on FB, tweet it, Stumble it, Digg it, or print copies and mail them to all your friends, family and colleagues.
  16. What if I don’t think you deserve this shameless self-promotion?
    I’ve got kids and bills, work with me here.
  17. What if you haven’t answered my question?
    I just pretend to be perfect, post it below and I will try and answer.

* Note that I reserve the right to modify the rules and conditions of this event arbitrarily and capriciously with or without prior or subsequent notice. I will also remove posts and comments as I see fit.

Don’t hesitate to connect, leave a comment, or offer me a job.

I want to thank Larry Brauner of http://online-social-networking.com/ for the idea for this event.



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  1. Hey Hist… You got the support of the DeadlyNights.com Gaming Community. Sadly you kinda caught us with our pants down as we just started re-doing the website and updating to a newer version of VB yesterday. If there is anything we can do to help you out just give us a shout.



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