My Acclaim: Forward

Now that Acclaim really is gone, absorbed by Playdom into the behemoth that is Disney, many people have asked that I write about my time there.

And so I shall…

I first want to say that what I will write is my personal thoughts and opinions as told from my perspective as a employee that worked 2800 miles away from everyone else. This means that I wasn’t always privy to everything that was going on with Acclaim. In fact I was just as surprised as everyone else when it was acquired by Playdom. It will also have a great deal to do with Community Management and my thoughts and processes as I entered and began to grow the Acclaim Community.

Over the next week or so I will begin to tell the story of “My Acclaim”.




  1. I always felt as though you were about as informed as the players sometimes when it came to things concerning the community (Mainly 2Moons), you were a good community manager in my personal opinion, just the decisions made by the higher ups sometimes seemed to irritate the volunteers. Hope all is going well for you Hist.

  2. I will look forward to reading it Hist, avidly. I for one feel that we (players, staff paid and non-paid) went through so much. I’ve kepy my silence since, but it must be liberating to be able to write about it and know that people will read it.

    I will never forget my time with Acclaim, both the good and the bad, but I will say this – you made a difference, you made a difference to the entire game, the whole community and you made a difference to me. You were the one that made me stick it out as long as I did and I never knew if anyone realized just exactly how much you did – under the duress and through all the difficulties that I don’t think people were aware of, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward.. to reading *your* story.

  3. Hey Hist.. I will totally be following this.. Im very interested in all the events leading up to the closing of Acclaim and the games.. and how the heck you dealt with all the BS the community threw at you lol.

  4. Hey Hist,

    I’ll follow this too.. so be gentle if it ever gets to anything about me. 😉

    If you want me to contribute about my time there, I can too. I felt like I was placed in the same “bad guy” role as you sometimes also.

    • I think that when I get to the point of talking about the “Game Managers” I might take you up on your offer.


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