Building A Great Volunteer Community Team

Let’s face it; sometimes Community Managers can’t do everything. You need help, but there just isn’t room in the budget to get another person in house. Often the help you need is right there in your community waiting for the chance to play a bigger role.

So what qualities should you look for when you are thinking of getting volunteers to help?

  • community-team2Interested and Knowledgeable: Sure a volunteer has to know how to get the job done, but they also need to want to do it. If they are not interested in the community and it’s focus, then they are not going to be excited to help and the community will suffer. Look for volunteers that will go the distance because they have something to add.
  • Strong and Effective Communicator: Communication is an important factor in a successful community. When looking for volunteers, take into consideration each person’s skill in conveying thoughts and ideas, specifically with other people. Ensure that each member can communicate beyond “one to one” and that they can work well in a “one to many” situation.
  • Teaching Attitude: Teaching and sharing is so important because it shows that not only can a team work together, but that it can improve by sharing knowledge. A team built with people that share with each other can be a powerful tool for successful communities. I can’t tell you how many Community Managers I know that started by volunteering.
  • Finding and bringing together an amazing team is only part of the picture. It’s up to the Community Manager to keep things running smoothly. A great team will make your role a lot easier, but of course it does not offset the need for good management.



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