Tips and Tactics: Taking Over an Existing Community

For a new Community Manager to successfully manage established online communities, it first requires a good understanding of online channels related to the community – and that’s not just social media – but includes any community websites that are relevant to your community’s purpose. For example, a community manager will have often have accounts on the well known social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+, but will also monitor popular websites, discussion boards, blogs and channels related to his or her new community. They might also set up tracking and alerts for relevant keywords, which will once again be related to the community’s interests. They will always keep in mind the importance of listening and monitoring what is being said within these other communities.

When an online community manager is comfortable, they should begin to engage in these conversations, perhaps starting with replying to posts, providing feedback, and from there, creating content of their own. And with a solid understanding of the needs of their community, diving into conversations will be both meaningful and fruitful. 

Can you think of anything else they might need to be aware of?



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