Build Your Own Community

I’m one of those that don’t see Social Media sites as a good place to build a community. Instead I see them as places to engage with people, but direct them to a platform you have more control over.

I know the current mind set it to “go where they are”, but the reality is they are most likely there for reasons beyond engaging with you. A recent study says that only 6% of fans engage With a Brand’s Facebook page (Mashable). And you are there at the whim of that social site. Facebook recently tweaked things and a Brand’s Page Reach was negatively impacted (Socialfresh). Without any action on your part, engagement dropped 17%. If you controlled the community platform and this happened, you could take action and attempt to fix things.

So, instead of trying to talk in a noisy, crowded, bar… pass them your info and ask to talk someplace less distracting.



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