1. Overall I agree with the bulk of what you have written Hist. Though I’m not sure if Organization is a secondary trait, it’s one of those grey things, depending on the community size and type. It’s the switch hitter of the traits, it could be more primary in certain situations. However that’s me being picky more then anything.

    I would have placed Communicator at the top of the list myself, if you’re not a good communicator you’re not really going to excel at much of the rest. No matter how empathic, or strong a sense of perspective one has, if you’re unable to convey your message you’re not going to be very effective.

    I think what is missing, is having a good set of armour as a lot of times in many communities there are those people whom won’t really take what you say at face value whatsoever, and always those whom disagree with a CM’s methods or personality. That’s par for the course on the internet and being able to take the kind of crap that can be tossed at a person without letting it consume you is required to really do the job despite resistance.

    Same goes from top down as there are times when the company a CM represents refuses to or blatantly ignores the position of the community which can be equally frustrating for the CM as a CM is in the go-between position.

    Otherwise though, a good list, I can’t think of much else to add or comment on about it presently, but if I think of anything, I’ll certainly share it.


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