Been a while

Moved. This means the game collection is our of storage and currently sitting under the good ol’ HDTV, is five systems. SNES, DreamCast, PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii. Not all of them are hooked up and I need to add the Atari 2600 and NES. I have the screen for my PS One so it is technically a portable for me now. I need to start a new catalog of my games. I purchased a number while the bulk of the collection was archived and I know my list is terribly out of date.

A few highlights:

  • Two games short of a complete (opened)  US Collection of the Virtual Boy.
  • Eight games needed to complete the NeoGeo Pocket collection.
  • Two games needed for a complete “EYE-TOY” collection.
  • I’ve added a loose SNES “Fun ‘n Games”. One of the rarest games on the system. In talking with staff who worked on the game, the total produced and released numbers in the 2000 range.
  • Added 3 TI-99/4a computers, with tape drive books and other fun stuff to the mix
  • I have a Sealed US version of Myst for the PSP. It was never released here in the states. A chance meeting at last year’s GDC placed it in my hands.

I’ve actually stopped looking for the old stuff. I’m just short on time and I like those really big finds where you find a yard sale with a box full of old games and such for $10 to $20.

Work has been interesting. Always new and exciting things on the horizons. I will say that every day I learn something new. In fact it is hard not to learn something new every few hours. The luck to be able to watch and be a part of a talented creative collective!It certain isn’t the typical cubicle gopher farm.



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