A little update…

So I’ve been extremely busy with Spellborn at work lately.. they days leading up to and just past the closed and open beta really took a toll on me. This past Saturday I managed to sleep most of the day away catching up. It isn’t often that I wear my self down that much.

I get in a few matches with SF4 every night. The matching system for ranked fights is pathetic, but what can you do.. I’ve made a rule for myself that if I get 5 "this room is full" or "unable to connect" messages I quit for the night.. It used to be 3 but then I would sometimes never get to play. Capcom, I’m not sure how you can get it right in SF2THD, and then screw it right up with SF4. Do the SF dev teams not talk to each other? Still I love it when it works, just wish it worked more often. There is a group looking to start some small local gatherings at a restaurant/bar. Might make it out might not.. we will see.



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